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Small Steps

I’m still haveing a majorly dificult time with heroics but I’ve been doing a lot of posting on our guild formus and talking with other healers there and through other sites like Resto4Life and I think I’m slowly headed in the right direction.

I picked up the Earthliving boots and legs and I am now working on mats for the Wispcloak. I’m still tempted to try and do a few runs as dps just to farm badges. There are some decent badge healing items that would go a long way in helping me out as weil.

  • malice

    god im in exactly the same spot. I have no problem keeping a party up, but not enough regen on my shitty gear. Had 6/8 tier 6 feral and switched ( due to the needs of the guild) to resto.. yay for starting from scratch. Just wanted to let you know I feel your pain

  • Amradorn

    Thanks… I’ve made a few more gear upgrades since and I plan to post about them this weekend. I’ve finally gotten my self buffed mana regen over 600 so things are improving.


Foederati is recruiting. We are looking for a couple of healers and DPS classes to fill out our ranks. We are full on hunters but any other classes are welcome to apply.
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