Rederiet - Frgor och svar, Season 10, Episode 9, Swedish, 1992
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Feeling Totally Inadequate

I hit level 80 over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend and since then I have hit a couple of Heroics. I have yet to successfully complete one and this is starting to become seriously discouraging. I feel like I’m letting my groups down and becoming reluctant to offer myself up as a healer.

I haven’t really changed out a lot of gear in the leveling process, mainly rings and trinkets, and of course the Chilly Slobberknocker.

I’ve been trying to maintain a normal Lifebloom, rejuve, regrowth rotation for tank healing, while using lifebloom and regrowth to HoT up group members. Last night before going to Violet Hold and the Old Kingdom, I did respec and pick up Wild Growth, even though I hate that spell with a crazed passion.

A couple things I’m running into… I feel mana starved most of the time, even on trash. When I start getting into trouble, I find myself resorting to spaming Nourish which eats up mana but feels as if it’s the only thing I can cast that even comes close to keeping up, regrowth just feels too slow now.

I can’t keep up with the damage out put. I don’t know if it’s my spell rotation or if its just me panicing and going off rotation, but the damage out put I’m seeing makes me feel as if I’m totally undergeared. Of course I could simply be undergeared as well.

I’m currently working on getting the mats together for the Earthliving Boots and legs (the frozen orbs were expensive as hell). Looking at loot rank through (prioritizing using the order given in this post on EJ forums), it looks almost looks like I need to work on creating the blue pvp set in order to have a decent PvE set, at least until I can start actually succeeding at heroics and get better gear. Which has me totally confused now.

I’ll try to get some combat logs the next few runs I can get into.

I’m looking for any suggestions that will make it so I’m not a burden to the groups I get into. I’m honestly tempted to go Moonkin just to get into heroics and earn the healing gear I need.

  • Shopshopshop

    On your mana issues, perhaps you should replace Natural Perfection and some Replenish points for Tranquil Spirit? Also, make sure your tanks are properly geared. If they are wearing greens, you’re going to run into trouble.

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