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Wrath: The Addiction

I’m sitting at work right now as I type this post. Since is only 2:16 pm I should be measuring the new plastic parts that the company I work for will be producing for an appliance manufacturing company. But I can’t concentrate. Wrath has it’s hold on me.

As midnight approached last night and I was unable to head to Northrend along with other members of my guild I couldn’t take. I actually had to have my downstairs neighbor come upstairs and take the power cords of my computer away so that I could get to sleep.

As I sleep I dreamed of adventuring in Howling Fjord, experiencing all the wonders of the newest World of Warcraft expansion. It was a fitful sleep.

At about 4:30 am I climbed out of bed, sat stareing at the blank screens of my computers, and cursing Amazon for not having yet delievered the Collector’s Editon copy of Wrath that I had pre-ordered back in September.

As I headed off to work the anxiety and inner turmoil reached it’s high point as I neared the Wal-Mart that I passby every day in my almost zombie like rueotine. I found myself hitting the turn signal at the light instead of going straight. Next I was uncontrollable pulled into the parking lot, where I got out of my run down 1995 Ponitac Bonneville and walked into the store.

At this point I had lost all self control. It was if a plauge had fallen over me, removing all thoughts from my mind and replacing it with one thing…. “BUY WRATH.”

When I finially regained my focus, I was standing outside next to my car, a bag in one hand, and a sales reciept in the other. I reached into the bag and pulled out the shiney blue box, a picture of the forboreding Lich King front and center. I genetly ran my hand across its surface, savoring the feel of the embossments, and finially releasing the small velcro flap to look inside.

Pure joy and excitement over took me. I had a copy of the expansion, my addiction and the zombie within was satisfied…

for now.

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