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Old Naxx and AQ40

In the last few weeks Foederati has taken up the challenge of tackling some old content that we missed when The Burning Crusade went live in January of 2007. Before the Echoes of Doom patch we were able to hit up the old version of Naxx and made it all the through the Four Horsemen and attempted several pulls at Sapphiron.

Click here for more pictures from Naxx.

Once patch 3.0.2 hit, we spent some time in the Sunwell, and then took a 1 night detour into AQ40. Back in the day, The Twin Emps gave us a terrible time, to the point that it made us turn our attention to Naxx, which netted us several kills in the floating necropolis prior to TBC.

Monday night, we went back with a vengance and and took revenge on those big red baddies as well as getting familier with Ouro, Viscidus, and C’Thun.


Here are some pictures from our trashing of AQ40.

We had a great time, and even took a few moments to kill Onxiya before calling it a night.


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