Rederiet - Frgor och svar, Season 10, Episode 9, Swedish, 1992
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A Glimmer of Hope

Beta patch 9014 brought about the dreaded Regrowth Glyph nerf that many of Druid community had expected to come along. After getting beating almost into mulch by the nerf bat with the Flourish* and Lifebloom nerfs I was seriously thinking about changing my post Wrath talent build to include Moonkin form. Phea over at resto4life has a great post on many of the nerf details.

I was greatly relieved however when I saw this post from Ghostcrawler on the Beta Druid Forums…

We are going to “run the numbers” again on Wild Growth and Nourish. What I mean by that is we’ll do some tests and compare them to similar heals and to other druid spells.

Wild Growth was nerfed pretty hard and I have some confidence that we can bring it up, though probably not as high as it was before. We’ll have to see about Nourish.

We don’t want to mess with Regrowth much more since it is now a button that seems worth pushing. We’re standing by our Lifebloom changes for now. It just felt like the solution to every healing situation that druids encountered. I suspect druids will still use it in its current form, but we’ll see.

Sorry I can’t offer anything more concrete than that. Making promises until I actually see the changes made can be pretty dangerous and just ends up frustrating the community in those situations where we can’t deliver.

It was a start and it made me feel better. Up until that point I had started loosing interest in even playing on the Beta realm. Then the next day we got some more details…

Here are the changes we’re making next patch. See how they feel.

Wild Growth: Coefficient and healing increased. Mana cost decreased. Cost should be about the same as Circle of Healing. It doesn’t heal instantly, but will heal for about double what CoH does over its duration.

Nourish: Reduced mana cost by somewhere between 15 and 20%. This is supposed to be your Flash Heal, but we recognize that it doesn’t have the same versatility — you can’t just drop one on a wounded rogue or something since you need the hot up first. Hence the lower price.

Druids have quite an arsenal of healing spells now, and it can be tricky to find niches for all of them.

So it looks like Flourish* will be worth specing into.

* Flourish has had it’s name changed to Wild Growth. I don’t like this name so I have difficulty accepting it.

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