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Druids and 8982

Ok… so MMO Champion and World of Raids have posted the latest changes that have come about in Beta patch 8982. There is some really cool information about the cut scene cinematic (which I think is far better than the Wrath Trailer) and links to Blizzplanet‘s full, Extremely Spoiler Heavy, review of the whole quest chain leading up to and including the Wrath Gate and Battle of the Undercity quests. I am sooo looking forward to doing those both in beta and in live. I’ll try to do some frapsing.

Beyond that however, lets take a look at what the Druids got in this build.

I have to admit that I was disapointed a few builds ago when Blizzard smacked us hard with the nerf back on both Lifebloom and Flourish, which was renamed Wild Growth. Just to recap, they lowered the healing power of Lifebloom and uped its mana cost, I am assuming in an attempt to get druids to cast other spells more. Flourish on the other hand, along with the name change, which I don’t really care too much for, got it’s healing power gutted by about 80 to 90%. It’s so weak now that I really feel that it is no where near worthy of being a 51 point talent for the resto tree. RIP Flourish.

I was hoping that in this build they would give us back at least some of the healing power of Flourish (I can’t bring myself to call it Wild Growth). I agree it was overpowered in it’s original form. But DAMM!!!

So what did Druids get in 8982… well lets take a look.

According to MMO Champion our Balance spells got some needed buffs.


  • Typhoon range has been extended from 20 to 30 yards.
  • Insect Swarm hit chance reduction lowered from 5% to 3%. Damage increased. (1050 to 1290 for Rank 7, 792 to 1032 for Rank 6, etc …)
  • Wrath damage has been increased. (489-551 to 553-623 for Rank 12, 414-466 to 504-568 for Rank 11, etc …)
  • Starfire damage has been increased. (670-790 to 1028-1212 for Rank 10, 562-662 to 854-1006 for Rank 9, etc …)

Those are all pretty good and much needed.I’ve always felt that our Moonkin brothers and sisters could use more fire power. That and it helps me when I’m soloing, which I do frequently as that is part of my prefered play style.

Talent wise Balance also got…

  • Eclipse now increase your critical strike chance with Starfire by 15%. (up from 10%

Another decent change for Moonkin

And Resto’s picked up…

  • You can now cast Innervate while in Tree of Life form

Ummmm… Am I missing something? As far as I know Resto’s have always been able to cast Innervate in Tree of Life form. I know becuase I tend to use it a couple of times on Illidan. Was there some sort of memo I missed in the past that told druids that we couldn’t do that any more?


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