Rederiet - Frgor och svar, Season 10, Episode 9, Swedish, 1992
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Smacking the Raiding Beast

The raiding beast sits dazed for a moment and confused. The rolled up newspaper that Blizzard smacked it on the nose with lays on the ground at its feet, shreaded and torn. Its emotions are mixxed and its anger is building. Will it pounce and destroy the hand that smacked it or will it take the scolding and learn to be tamed? Only the beast knows

Blizzard appears to be trying to stop raid stacking by making many buffs raid wide buffs but in exchange they are making a lot of them not stack based on an elaborare catagory system. I have to agree with Phea at resto4life when she says that she believes that the result will be opositie to what Blizzard is hoping to achieve.

The principle is right, but the method seems off to me. I guess we will have to wait until Naxx 2.0 to see how it plays out.

This appears to be the hot topic of the day.

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