Rederiet - Frgor och svar, Season 10, Episode 9, Swedish, 1992
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The quest for self destruction

I finally broke down and bought a 60 day game card for my secondary account so that I could get the Swift Zhevra.

So after riding around for a bit on it I got the crazy notion that it was time to go back and try to get my other dream mount, you guessed it, the ultra-rare, padded cell inducing, Deathcharger’s Reins from Stratholme.

I really think I need to get my head examined on this one.

ok, so, I’m a resto druid wanting the Baron’s mount. Besides the fact that the drop rate is like 0.01%, and I will probably need to run hundreds if not thousands of these instances to get it, I’m level 70 and obviously getting a group together for it is not only rough these days but it puts at risk the chance that someone else could take the mount.

So I decided to respec feral because even though I’m a T6 geared resto druid I just didn’t feel as if I had much of a chance soloing the place as a resto. As a feral though I should do ok, especially since I have been collecting some decent feral gear as offspec for raiding.

I get speced up, switch into my feral suit and stealth my way into the instance. Stealthing doesn’t really seem necessary for a lot of it at this point. Walking right past a lot of stuff doesn’t ago. The Eye’s of Naxxramus are a bit of a pain and have to be avoided but getting to the first boss, Baroness Anastari is actually pretty easy. Killing her is also realtively easy and I make quick work of the inside of the temple.

Getting to the second boss, Nerub’enkan, is a little trickier but I made it. Trying to kill him on the other hand just finds me lying dead after getting killed by his adds. Over and over I try, probbly 8 times or so this round, until I can take no more. I log off for a bit to cool off and then come back to try again.

In round two I again get to and kill the Baroness pretty easy. However before I head to Nerub I decided I would try to two box it and bring in my priest to lend a little healing support. Now, Moebius is level 70 but doesn’t have a lot of great gear and is currently speced Shadow. Bit I figured for what I would need him to do though it wouldn’t matter much. All I needed was a little extra healing and I figured Nerub would bite the dust.

Boy was I so wrong.

Two boxing in Strat, is a nightmare, even with both toons being level 70. At this point I actually think it’s harder to do than soloing it. The problem with two boxing is that as your moving along, the toon on auto follow inevitably pulls something that you have to kill or be killed by. Pull the wrong thing, get feared, and you have half the instance turning you into cream pie in the middle of the street and thinking to yourself as you stare up at the burring buildings of the city, “So this is what is feels like to be culled…”

I’m not giving up, although I may end up waiting until Amradorn is level 80, but don’t you fear Baron, I will be back, for no mater how long it takes, I will be back, and I will have your mount.

0-2 as of 8/23/08


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