Multiverse Events

This week at Multiverse Comics & Games…

Monday (2/20) – The Return of Movie Night! 6PM, This time we while we are watching a movie we will be playing boardgames. How about some Legendary Firefly while we watch Serenity?

Tuesday (2/21) – Call of Chathulu 7th Ed RPG 6:30 pm – Our team of investigators are now dealing with the aftermath their first significant fight, having come up against the Cult of the Bloody Tounge in a New York City basement. It left the group of 3 down by 2 as both Milo and Dresden lay unconscious, and the Professor struggling to keep the remaining cultists subdued.

Wednesday (2/22) – D&D 5E – Dragon’s Rest 7pm – Having retrieved 3 of the cinder gems, the party has once again return to the floating island that Udras, the god of Neutrality calls home. After sleeping off a nasty fight with a Death Tyrant that was menacing a primitive human tribal village somewhere in Arcadia’s past, the group camped out for a much-needed rest. What will be their next gift and where will they go next as they continue to travel through the Chronolilly?

Friday (2/24) – Friday Night Magic 6:30pm – Friday’s Magic format will be Frontier once again. Entry fee is $5.00 with an option for $7.00 which will also get you 1 booster pack. The Frontier format is M15 to current, with no ban list. For some tips and tricks on deck building check out this Facebook Group.

Saturday (2/25) – Saturday Standard 4pm – Saturday afternoon brings us a Standard format Magic tournament. Entry fee is $5.00 with an option for $7.00 which will also get you 1 booster pack.

Every day during open hours – Our Open gaming library of games are available free to play in the store. Start a family game night and we’ll help you get started with a host of cool games.

Saturday Standard Standings 2/18/17

Unfortunately folks, we only had 6 players for Standard on Saturday, and after reporting the results I didn’t get a snapshot of the final standings. When I went back this evening to get them and post them I found that the event reporter doesn’t maintain the standings on casual events like it does for sanctioned events. I’ll make sure to grab them next week.